Pendulum Therapeutics

Pendulum Therapeutics


Brining a breakthrough, clinically tested probiotic to market to help people with type 2 diabetes demands flexibility in purchasing, and robust controls on inventory and production phases.


San Francisco, California


Probiotic medical food

Pendulum Therapeutics

Pendulum is taking a new approach to managing type 2 diabetes and sugar metabolism. Their team of scientists, doctors and innovators have isolated unique strains of beneficial bacterial that help restore lost functionality through the gut microbiome. 

Digital Traceability with DataNinja

Pendulum harnessed DataNinja for inventory barcoding and electronic batch production records.  When integrated with their customized purchasing workflows and financial systems, DataNinja became a key enabler of their quality and traceability standards from Lab R&D through full production. 

Sublot barcoding used to track, control, and release individual growth media plates during one of over a dozen intermediate sub assemblies. 

Compliance is required.  Paper is optional.

Choose the new way for regulated manufacturing to scale with ease.

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