Cosmetic Manufacturing Execution Software

Operate Better. 

Lead the business forward with electronic dispensing and batching records. With quality and inventory entries verified in real-time, DataNinja helps you automate quality, sync with Finance and protect brands. 

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Consistent Quality, Perfect Traceability, Effcient Operations


Track inventory with live quality controls, location and quantity details specific to each pallet, bag, or drum.

Digital QC Release

Stop documenting costly errors, prevent them before they happen!

Inventory Planning

Know when to schedule bulk blends and packaging runs to keep ahead of customer demand. 

Unit Conversions?

Covered. Finally a system that supports tracking units most important to your process, while working with supplier packaging sizes. 


Seamlessly connect your new electronic batch record system with your  scales for digital dispensing and pre-weigh barcoding.

System Integration

Deep connectivity with your finance and fulfillment systems. Remove the gridlock between your Quality, Finance and Production teams. 

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