DataNinja for Food and Beverage Manufacturers

It’s in the oven.

All manufacturers of Food products, ingredients, and beverages depend on traceability for their business. New regulation enforcement is stirring an industry shift that means big opportunity for organizations embracing electronic batch record technology.

Manual was mainstream.

Reaction time using a paper-based system used to be the traceability success metric. More regulation, higher through-put, and faster operational business requirements are making manual traceability efforts costly and painful for growing companies.

DataNinja is the secret ingredient.

Not only does DataNinja traceability automation give you instant visibility, it also empowers your best people to control the process proactively. By automating the quality checks and escalation process you can use less man hours to accomplish increased quality performance. Top performers in the Food industry use Electronic Batch Records for strategic advantage.

  • Full forward and reverse digital pedigree from incoming inspection through shipments
  • Records automatically checked for completion and accuracy
  • Comprehensive production data right at your fingertips

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