DataNinja for Medical Device Manufacturers

What’s in your filing cabinet?

Medical Device Manufacturers know the importance of being audit-ready. But when company growth increases paper record volume and finance starts tracking the cost of staples, it’s tough to find a tool that is just right to help.

Make audits easier.

Today’s Medical Device Manufacturers require agility and accuracy to stay ahead. Now you can automatically ensure not only that the records are completed and approved, but that key information such as dates, materials, expiration and release status, and equipment calibration records are all in order.

DataNinja unlocks the data.

Imagine, data and full e-DHR will become just a search query away (and always in order). With DataNinja you can use the data you are already collecting as a source for strategic advantage. Connect finance to manufacturing for accurate costing. Better yet, with DataNinja your manufacturing data is not buried away in paper piles.

  • Tiered approvals, escalations and notifications
  • Identify cost safes through trending scrap across batches, lots or even shift times.
  • Redundant eDHR compliant with electronic storage regulation
  • MD5 Hash audit trail unique tracking numbers

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