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 Save your company from the true costs of manual data entry with bi-directional sync automation and robust data integration between DataNinja, your financial system, and other essential tools. 

Automatic Sync

Direct two-way sync runs automatically or on-demand with leading business systems

Automatic Sync

Direct two-way sync runs automatically or on-demand with leading business systems

Make it easy, so it gets done right.

Instead of writing a lot number, scan it.  Collect weights and dates automatically in your electronic batch production records. Instead of guessing the production and approval status of a job, search and review the quality records online. Lowering the cost of data collection is vital to every FDA regulated manufacturer.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    DataNinja offers automatic 2-way sync with Oracle NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, QuickBooks Online Plus, QuickBooks Online Advanced, and QuickBooks Enterprise Manufacturing Edition.

    As a specialized Manufacturing Execution System. DataNinja should be deeply integrated with your financial system. However, DataNinja can be implemented stand-alone. While it would be a big project, you can also leverage the DataNinja API to build your own custom integration.

    In addition to our sync with leading financial systems, DataNinja also integrates with a wide variety of other apps and tools. Integrations include Shopify, Square, Shipsation's ShipEngine, TUO, Zapier, Slack, Teams and many more!

    Yes, we do. For basic accounting systems like QuickBooks, we offer a self-boarding process. DataNinja customers go through an onboarding process that facilitates the initial setup. Customers with larger, more complex deployments and/or those customers who use other accounting systems and ERPs will meet with our solution specialists who assist in configuring, testing, and documenting the integration workflows.

    After the initial welcome and implementation kick-off, most customers are up and running—with systems integrated—within one to three days.

    Yes. Automatic sync runs every 5 minutes so all of your data is regularly synced between your two systems. But you can also choose to sync on demand, as needed.

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