DataNinja for Planning & Scheduling

The Dilemma

Your job is complex. You are faced with the near impossible task of keeping products on the shelf, manufacturing at optimal efficiency, all with limited sales forecasts. You are the conductor in the orchestra of manufacturing.

The Solution

DataNinja can enable you with web based, agile, smart scheduling and planning tools. These tools allow you to know in advance when inventory levels could threaten production. DataNinja knows your parts as well as the ERP including dependencies, inventory levels and product assembly structures.

A solution for every role.

Over ordering is an enemy to your lean process, but operations come to a screeching halt if inventory levels run low. DataNinja can empower your purchasing strategy.

  • Same raw material used in multiple finished goods? No problem.
  • Ensure that production using the right portion, of the correct material, every time
  • Barcoding to track consumption in Real-Time

Teams look to you for the optimized plan. Lead time, change over, and customer expectations each converge on your role. DataNinja will assist with collaborative planning tools and Real-Time inventory insights.

  • Do you have enough material for the runs next week? Let DataNinja help you there
  • Always relevant
  • Plan by the week or down to the minute with collaborative multi-user scheduling tools

MRP built-in

Stop wasting time and money bouncing between part-outs and over buying. The MRP algorithm accounts for vendor lead time and inventory supply/demand through multi-level bills of material.


You sent the permissions, quality workflows, and escalation routes. Let your system bring the most critical issues to your attention automatically.


Container specific barcodes tie quality release status directly to inventory. Real-time verification prevents process execution quality issues before they can happen. 

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