DataNinja for Manufacturing Operations

The Dilemma

As a manufacturing Ops executive it is your role to produce.  Paper based record keeping is not sustainable as you lead scale up. Paper based systems are time consuming, error prone, and they bury operations data in filing cabinets.

The Solution

Let the cloud work for you. DataNinja helps prevent operator errors through real-time consistency and verification checks. Reduce Quality Assurance holdups with real time operator alerts that ensures data is not just present, but filled out correctly. DataNinja brings you traceability to identify and resolve problems with shortened approval cycles. With the right information at all the right times you’ll be well on your way to meeting demand. Bring-on the Ramp-up!


A solution for every role.

Shouldn’t it be easy to implement operational improvements? DataNinja was designed not just to enforce best practices, but to promote them as well.

  • Monitor process milestones in Real-Time
  • See the bottlenecks with time-stamped data entry
  • Industry specific alerts keep you informed on any device, from any where.

Few things drive profit for Manufacturers as Process improvement can. DataNinja helps track all the data your operations produce so you can innovate for growth.

  • Validate process optimization with data history comparison
  • Efficiently capture and trend KPI and process metrics
  • Identify opportunities with powerful tools and personalized dashboards

Keeping up with industry best practice means “ISO” “CFRx” and “cGMP” are your daily vernacular. DataNinja is built with compliance at its core.

  • Ready for integration and validation
  • Built by a team of industry quality experts
  • Permissions based “level of rigor” settings for custom ways to exceed  rather than just comply with regulation

Balancing the pressure to get the most out of current investments with a growth plan is no trivial task. DataNinja minimizes the time it takes to address and manage operational risks.

  • Monitor risk trends and stay ahead
  • Rapid implementation of risk management processes
  • Watch progress through trend-able operational attributes



Operations at your fingertips

Now the pulse of inventory and manufacturing operations lives in your pocket.

Real-time alerts

Prevent costly errors before they happen. See what is needed to work with quality and finance to get shipments out on-time.

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How much of your day is spent communicating job status? Let the team see what's in WIP on their own.

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