Super Sack through Extract

Beat regulation with paperless quality controls and connected barcoding for everything between the hammer mill and your customers shipment.

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Track inventory with live details specific to each super sack, bucket, and box. 

Digital QC Release

COA's and testing have you bogged down? Get confidence every Lot has it's documentation uploaded. 

Inventory Planning

Know when to schedule extraction and order packaging to keep ahead of customer demand. 

Contextual Reporting

Go further than 3rd party testing. Prove your quality and process controls by selectively sharing the who-what-where-when details. 


Digitally record quality check points, Decarb temperatures, Runtimes, Potency percentages and more. 

System Integration

Deep connectivity with finance. Sync orders and run tolling, split biomass and more. 

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Ready to ditch paper and shared spreadsheets?

Proven Potent for CBD inventory operations

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