Real-time Inventory Control

Leave behind spreadsheets, avery templates, and manual data entry

Usually, automated systems for inventory control are expensive and hard to use. Less reliable solutions depend on manual data entry and Avery templates. DataNinja real time inventory control automates material workflows and integrates inventory management with the way your business operates.

Electronic Audit Trail

Everything linked automatically for full audit integrity

What’s better than a paper trail?  Not even needing one.  Now all documents and interactions with materials, equipment, approvals and shipments are all linked together with robust audit trail integrity.

Documentation Automation

Paperless documentation that reviews and reports itself

Apply smart alerts to auto-verify production control points. If something isn’t right DataNinja proactively routes approval to the right person. Instantly.

Process Improvement

Visibility for Data Driven Optimization

It’s about gaining access to the reality of your processes so you can prioritize efforts that increase business efficiency. Before DataNinja, all the secrets to your success were buried in disconnected and manual data sources (paper). Now you can unlock business potential with the visibility to see what changes will generate the highest return on investment.

Reports on the go

The data you need, always up to date.

It’s easy to extract your data in custom reporting formats.  No need to download a plugin or hire a developer. Just submit a report request and a re-usable, downloadable custom report will be ready in your DataNinja instance within 72 hours. We promise.

The DataNinja Hub

Technology for Business Growth

The DataNinja hub does more than just making your inventory management mobile ready. It also is the command center that connects equipment like scales directly to your production records.