Free Excel™ Batch Record Templates

Download Excel batch record templates designed for Blending, Encapsulation, Tablet Compression and Packaging. Each template has built-in formulas for automatic reconciliation, and conditional formatting to prevent mistakes when used in a CFR 21 Part 11 Electronic Batch Record System.

Blending BPR Excel

  • Master Formula
  • Signature Page
  • Room Clearance
  • Weighout Procedures
  • Blending instruction
  • QC Checkpoint sign-offs
  • In Process Testing
  • Yield Reconciliation
  • QC Review and Release

Tablet Mfg. Example

  • Dispensing Process
  • Pre-line Clearance
  • Pre-Blend Dispensing
  • Dispensing Reconciliation
  • Blending Process
  • Blending Instruction
  • QC Checkpoint sign-offs
  • Tablet Compression Process
  • In Process Testing
  • Metal Detector Verification
  • SPC Batch Record
  • Batch Reconciliation
  • QC Review and Approval
  • Deviation Tracking

Capsule/Bottle Filling

  • MMR General Instructions
  • Component Listing
  • Signature Page
  • Capsule/Bottle Room Clearance
  • Setup, Fill Count, and Weigh Check
  • First Article Inspection
  • Label Reconciliation
  • Production Yield
  • QC Checkpoint sign-offs
  • Retention Sampling
  • QA Review and Release with two-step Approval

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