DataNinja for Contract Manufacturers

Your business is all about theirs.

Every day you deal with the specific challenges of your customers. If you want to remain prominent in an extremely competitive landscape, you need to make cost effective use of your data.

Keep your clients happy.

Your customers look to you for high quality, low cost, and quick turnaround. Working with unique documentation formats, policies and practices all factor into your success. Using DataNinja means your operators can complete the same documentation, as a computer-checked web-form, no pen and paper necessary.

  • Upload document formats, and “tag” once for repeated electronic use
  • Cut review times in half
  • Redeploy workforce to higher value-add objectives
  • Less manual entries, less mistakes
Traceability Software for Life Science manufacturing

Use DataNinja.

DataNinja empowers contract manufacturers to do more with less.  Effortlessly monitor the pulse of your operations. Powerful automation built into agile tools helps your business be an invaluable asset to theirs.

  • Have the data to expose actual costs
  • Electronic snapshot of operational data easy to share
  • Win the new business

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