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Scale smarter with MES and EBR solutions built for the business of regulated inventory operations.

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Connected Operations

Bi-directional integrations enable compliant inventory execution, tied with the financials, at the speed of business. Would you use words like Agile and Nimble to describe your existing batch record and traceability system? 

Make it easy, so it gets done right.

Instead of writing a lot number, scan it.  Collect weights and dates automatically in your electronic batch production records. Instead of guessing the production and approval status of a job, search and review the quality records online. Lowering the cost of data collection is vital to every FDA regulated manufacturer.

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    Just scan a lot number, and know the full forward and reverse pedigree of manufacturing and quality records. All entries and approvals audit logged.

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    Manufacturing Visibility

    The best decisions are made with the best data. Connected manufacturing data solves problems. Trend and study your data with ease.

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    Electronic Batch Records

    Save time, money, and most importantly audits. Keep your batch records searchable and instantly retrievable.

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    Warehouse Management

    Dont choose between quality controls and speed. Integrated warehouse controls From incoming QC through high volume order fuillment Learn More


    People are good at most things. Computers are good at remembering workflow and real-time checks. Leverage BOTH.

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    Stop bouncing between part-outs and late shipments or over buying. The built in MRP engine takes the constant self doubt out of planning. Learn More

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